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> Is the Darwin project part of the FreeBSD group such as FreeBSD for 
> PPC or
> is now a separate entity?
> Can the code from Darwin be used back in FreeBSD?

I can't answer all of your questions, but I can field this part.  
OpenDarwin is an open source project spun off by apple to allow further 
development of the Darwin core of Mac OS X.  Another words, Darwin is 
the "UNIX" underlying part of OS X.  Its a different operating system.  
Apple uses code from FreeBSD, but its much different.  In fact, parts 
of the darwin kernel are written in C++ whereas the FreeBSD kernel is 
written in C (at least everything i've looked at so far).  Apple does 
not use a FreeBSD kernel, but rather a hacked up kernel from their next 
acquisition that they injected with newer NetBSD/FreeBSD code.  (it 
contained BSD code before, they simply updated it)  Parts of Darwin are 
structured like a *BSD and other parts follow the methodologies of a 
Mach kernel design (basically object oriented, using messages).

The biggest thing apple uses from FreeBSD is most of the userland 
utilities.  Commands like ps, kill, bsdmake, etc.  (apple defaults to 
gnu make now, but bsdmake is still there)

Some of the code can be used from Darwin under the apple open source 
license.  For example, the HFS+ file system support code.

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