Rid of those Windows Desktops!

Brian Brian at bossbox.com
Thu Oct 21 06:07:24 PDT 2004


I've been planning this for sometime and finally have the time to do it.

We have various machines in the home no real fruity hardware, everything
seems to supported by all current versions of FreeBSD 4.9,4.10 5.2.1 etc

I've used FreeBSD for a number of years but mostly in the work place as
Routers/Firewalls Webservers and file servers etc.

I've never really put a lot of time into turning FreeBSD into a solid work
station which I'm sure it's more than able to be.

For the most part all the workstations will be used for the usuall,
web,email, irc and local development.

Cutting the long story short for people who use FreeBSD as a desktop
currently, what version is recommended at the moment for such a task.

Most of the boxes have fairly good specs, 1.9GHZ plenty of hdd space and
lots of RAM.

Can people recommend some nice window managers, email clients etc ?

Or point to some documentation on building a secure stable desktop

I am doing my own searches too, I just like to hear from current users.



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