Two faced FreeBSD - or is that two headed?

Frank Laszlo laszlof at
Thu Oct 21 06:06:55 PDT 2004

Kevin Glick wrote:

>>>Say bye bye to DRI/GLX if you decide to go multi-head. It 
>>>wont work, thats the downside I suppose, otherwise its great.
>I beg to differ, it works fine.  I used a GeForce MX440, with
>dual VGA outputs to two 21" monitors, and ran many GL apps
>across both monitors.  Quake 3 at 3200x1200 is pretty cool.
>Kevin Glick
>ITS Manager
>Sterling Business Forms
>keving at

Maybe it was only an issue when using multiple video cards, I havent had 
a chance to try a dual-head card myself.


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