APC UPS question

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Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

>I have a backups 280 and there is no serial port on it.  Are you
>sure your looking at the right thing?  In any case a 280 is barely
>enough to keep a PC powered much less a PC and monitor.  I use mine
>for my DSL modem and DSL router.
>There's lots of SmartUPS 450 UPSs on Ebay.  Find one that the seller
>isn't claiming that he has 'refurbished' with new batteries.  Buy it
>and when it arrives just buy new batteries from any electrical store
>and give them your old ones.  (since it's going to be a given that
>the batteries will be toasted no matter what the seller claims)
>APS themselves also sells refurbs off their website.
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>>I'm in the market for a UPS that works with FreeBSD. Does anyone
>>know if the
>>APC Back-UPS Pro 280VA "Just Works" with FreeBSD 4-STABLE and
>>apcupsd? As far
>>as I can tell apcupsd support for usb on FreeBSD is not reliable,
>>but this
>>one's serial and affordable but I'd like to know if it works before I buy.
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