Compatibility & freeBSD

Lester Stiefel nissen360 at
Wed Oct 20 14:36:07 PDT 2004

     I am open to alternate OS. The person told me the OS was legit. I 
have my doubts. Now looking for Low cost or free OS to Replace current.

   My current equipment is: Canon S450 printer, Gigabyte Motherboard 
7zxe, 768Meg RAM, Athlon XP processor @1.4ghz, ATI Radeon 7000series 
graphics, Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Audio, 3com 3c900TPO NIC, APC Backups 
Will These be usable on a free BSD system?
Lester Stiefel
In Romans Chapter 1 God lists Some Qualities that Unregenerate Man will 
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