Firefox eternal loop when starting

Andreas Davour ante at Update.UU.SE
Wed Oct 20 07:51:22 PDT 2004

On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, albi wrote:

>> *** loading the extensions datasource
>> over and over again and never starts. Anyone know how to fix this?
> i had the same, after starting Firefox as root first (just for one time)
> it now works fine for the normal users

Thanks for your answers!

Didn't work though, I'm sad to say. But I just saw that I had saved my 
old .mozilla directory from when I upgraded to 0.9.3 long ago.

I had problems then *as well* with just about everything breaking. Now I 
copied everything from that old directory to the new default generated 
.mozilla and everything started to work.

Of course, now I'm back to my settings from way back and nothings shows 
up in the listing of installed extensions, even though they still work!

This Firefox thing is one crappy pice of odd behaviour.

/andreas (annoyed)

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