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Tue Oct 19 16:01:57 PDT 2004

On Mon, Oct 18, 2004 at 09:17:55PM -0500, luke wrote:
> > Is this box designed do be hot pluggable? the IBM p-series servers I use
> > at work have a back plane that allows this and sets the address
> the drives are designed to be hot pluggable they are in removable
> trays that slide in and out. i'm just asking if there is a
> freebsd-specific action that i should take before pulling a drive.
> thx,

I guess it will depend a lot on the hardware you have, but you probably
want to try one or both of 'camcontrol stop' or 'camcontrol eject' before
pulling the drive.  One of these should spin the drive down and leave it
in a safe state to be removed.

Again, when plugging a new drive in, it might be recognised automatically,
or you might need a 'camcontrol rescan' or 'camcontrol start' to get it to
appear.  Note that all of these commands expect to be given a bus or device
number to work on - you can find the right numbers with 'camcontrol

I assume you're in a position to try a few things out before you put this
machine into production?  The Intel L440GX+ boards we have here are quite
happy for you to stop a drive then pull it, and new drives come up all by
themselves when plugged in, but your hardware might need some extra
incantations to make it work - you really need to try a few of these
commands and see what happens.



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