Mark Frasa bsd at frasa.net
Tue Oct 19 00:25:53 PDT 2004


First i want to quote something:

>Vinum is being rewritten; the new one is called gvinum or geom_vinum.
> It handles swap, and it should be in 5.3.
> Greg

Here Greg tells me that Vinum should be in 5.3 Yesterday after 5.3-RC1 came trough, i downloaded the ISO and installed 5.3-RC1.
After that i set up vinum for mirorring (RAID1)

After setting up i still get the error which should be fixed in 5.3:

swapon /dev/vinum/swap: Operation not supported by device

Do i have to wait for the 5.3-RELEASE for g_vinum?

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