4.10 startup sequencing

Gary Aitken garya at dreamchaser.org
Sun Oct 17 12:44:48 PDT 2004

JohnsoBS at vicksburg.navy.mil wrote:

> You could remove all the startup scripts from rc.conf and put them in
> numbered order in /usr/local/etc/rc.d
> 010.milter
> 020.sendmail
> 030.etc

sendmail startup is triggered by mta_start_script in rc,
with mta_start_script defaulted in /etc/defaults/rc.conf not from
rc.conf, so I'd have to tweak rc anyway to do that.
Or are you suggesting setting mta_start_script to null in /etc/rc.conf
to prevent its starting "normally", then start it via
That seems a bit convoluted, but it would work.

h wrote:
> i'm not sure about the order but have you tried rc.local ?

rc.local fires after sendmail has been started

> On Sunday 17 October 2004 18:31, Gary Aitken wrote:

>>Since 4.10 doesn't use /etc/rc.d to merge standard and local startup
>>sequencing, I'm wondering what the right way is to get a daemon to
>>start up before one of the standard daemons.  Specifically, I would
>>like to start a milter before sendmail.  I know it will work if
>>started afterwards, or at least it seems to, but I would like to get
>>rid of the WARNING message posted to the console at startup because
>>the socket isn't present when sendmail starts.
>>I don't see a way to do this short of modifying /etc/rc.
>>Is there a better way, or should I just live with the warning until
>>upgrading to 5.x, where /etc/rc.d and /usr/local/etc/rc.d sequencing
>>hints are merged?

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