firefox-1.0.1.p_2 crashing on javascript

h h at
Fri Oct 15 15:20:59 PDT 2004

bogus ports such as firefox-1.0.1.p_2 should be moved to firefox-devel or 
something imho. i had to fall back on mainstream mozilla for now, which, 
thanks god, is not broken. now if the previous, working mozilla could be set 
back on the ports tree, it would help out many people who may not be on the 
mailing lists.

On Saturday 16 October 2004 00:05, Dan Finn wrote:
> Finally got it back installed.  I had to use portinstall, very wierd.
> Even after the suggested fix above regarding un-install and delete of
> the directories I still see the same problem.  Please keep me posted
> with a fix, this is rather annoying.
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