atapicam, cdrecord, and my gaping clue deficiency

Peter Seebach seebs at
Thu Oct 14 21:25:28 PDT 2004

In message <200410150331.i9F3VScu008372 at>, Peter Seebach write
>Problem:  CD burning Always Fails.  Failure mode is 100% repeatable and

A followup:  I have an HP "DVD Writer dvd630i".

1.  If I install only the DVD Writer dvd630i, as a master, the kernel panics
and won't boot.
2.  If I install both drives, with the HP as slave, the HP comes up at
33MB/sec and the Pioneer at 66MB/sec.

In that configuration, the HP burns CDs just fine, but the Pioneer doesn't.

So I'd just put the HP in the system.  But it won't boot with just the HP!
The last thing it says is "ata1-slave: interrupt failed."  This is odd, 'cuz
the drive's set for master, and there is no slave.  ???


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