Daily reboots...

Charles Ulrich charles at idealso.com
Thu Oct 14 07:09:02 PDT 2004

Steve Bertrand said:
>> Hello all,
>> I don't know why, but my system keeps restarting at about 14:00 or
>> 14:30 every day.  Really starting to p!ss me off.  Any ideas what
>> could
>> be causing this, or how I could find it?
> As someone else suggested, I had a box like this late last year, and
> found that when more than a normal amount of email came into the box,
> clamav and SA would burn up the CPU, and it would just reboot.
> Solution: I put the drive(s) into another box, and voila, problem was
> solved.
> Steve

I had a similar problem on 4.10 awhile back. After checking and rechecking the
hardware and swapping out power supplies, I noticed that the reboots rougly
coincided with heavy outgoing Samba traffic. I upgraded to 5.2.1 and haven't
had a problem since.

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