FreeBSD 4.X and Intel E7520 chipset problems

Gordan Remus (Vox Mundi) gordan at
Tue Oct 12 07:35:27 PDT 2004

Recently we have purchased a Supermicro X6DHR-IG2 motherboard
based on Intel E7520 chipset with 2x3.0GHz Xeons and are unable 
to install FreeBSD 4.X on it.
It seems that FreeBSD 4.X is not recognizing the chipset
and therefore it's unable to recognize Mylex AcceleRAID 160 controller.

Everything is working fine on FreeBSD 5.X, but unfortunately
the application we need to run on top of that is made specifically
for FreeBSD 4.X.

Is there any chance that Intel E7520 chipset will be supported
on some future 4.X releases or is there some kind of patch/workaround ?

Best Regards,
Gordan Remus
 Technical Department
      Vox Mundi

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