NIS issue (now resolved!)

William Bierman wbierman at
Mon Oct 11 19:49:10 PDT 2004

> Interesting...something that pops into my mind is something obvious
> since it was stated in the handbook, but needs to be said
> anyway...when you add stuff to the master.passwd file, do you re-make
> the database?  Also, if you follow the directions in the handbook,
> they suggest you make a different master.passwd file in /var/yp to
> store the accounts that go into nis....I re-wrote the make file
> section for passwd.* and told it to look to /etc/passwd where the UID
> is greater then 1000....and it works great for me...if you'd like a
> copy of the entries in the Makefile, I'll send them to you.  It sounds
> like that's what's going on (and I've had endless students make this
> mistake in class as's a common one).

I solved the problem!  It turns out there were other machines on the
network which somehow or another turned themselves into slave servers,
and were propogating the old information.  I did rm -rf
/var/yp/cluster on all of them, and rebooted them all, and now it

Thanks for your assistance, Brian!


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