sysctl kern.securelevel=2

Chris Collins z0cool at
Mon Oct 11 17:03:33 PDT 2004

Hello Alll

I was wondering what is the best kern.securelevel to run on a machine
that provides general internet services, Web, FTP and Email. I don't
want this so tight I cannot use the machine and I have also read in
some post that having the secure level set to high can stop a fsck.

I am running  4.8 stable with ipfw and current kern.securelevel at 0.
After reading the man page I am thinking that I can safely at level 2
but I am not sure because of this line in the man page "plus disks may
not be opened for writing (except by mount(2)) whether mounted or not"
 What exactly does this mean?

Any help would be appreciated. 


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