NIS issue

Brian McCann bjmccann at
Mon Oct 11 04:47:46 PDT 2004

Interesting...something that pops into my mind is something obvious
since it was stated in the handbook, but needs to be said
anyway...when you add stuff to the master.passwd file, do you re-make
the database?  Also, if you follow the directions in the handbook,
they suggest you make a different master.passwd file in /var/yp to
store the accounts that go into nis....I re-wrote the make file
section for passwd.* and told it to look to /etc/passwd where the UID
is greater then 1000....and it works great for me...if you'd like a
copy of the entries in the Makefile, I'll send them to you.  It sounds
like that's what's going on (and I've had endless students make this
mistake in class as's a common one).


On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 21:44:18 -1000, William Bierman <wbierman at> wrote:
> > Be hot on typo.
> >
> > My case :
> >
> > % sudo tail -1 /etc/ma*d
> > +:::::::::
> > % sudo tail -1 /etc/ma*d|wc -c
> >       11
> > %
> Sorry, this was a typo in my email, not the master.passwd.  There are
> 9 colons in the actual file.
> (Again apologies if you get this multiple times .. it's late and I did
> not notice the lack of a Reply-to address)
> Bill
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