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Sun Oct 10 16:17:27 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-10-10 at 17:28, Ryan Thompson wrote:
> Wayne "Thanatos" McBroom wrote to freebsd-questions at
> > I got a hold of a Duracom 486/SX. Which FreeBSD do you think would
> > work on it? Just trying to replace the 3.11 system on it. Thanks.
> > Later.....
> I suppose it depends on how much RAM you have. You need more RAM to
> install FreeBSD than you do to actually run it. The release notes for
> 4.10 say this:
>      1.2 Hardware Requirements
>      FreeBSD for the i386 requires an 80386 or better processor. The
>      sysinstall(8) installation program requires 16MB of RAM; after
>      installation, FreeBSD itself can be run in 4-8MB of RAM with a
>      pared-down kernel. You will need at least 100MB of free hard drive
>      space for the most minimal installation; a more realistic minimum is
>      on the order of 250-350MB. See below for ways of shrinking existing
>      DOS partitions in order to install FreeBSD.
>      If you are not familiar with configuring hardware for FreeBSD, you
>      should be sure to read the HARDWARE.TXT file; it contains important
>      information on what hardware is supported by FreeBSD.
> If you're short on RAM, you can have great fun cabling the drive in and
> installing with another machine, and then compiling a custom kernel to
> select the appropriate CPU type and remove literally everything you
> don't need. Then, tweak your rc.conf to remove all unnecessary daemons
> (named, sendmail, usbd, and even cron, syslogd and the like, if you can
> survive without).
> - Ryan

Another way to overcome the memory limit:
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