sendmail and virtualusers

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Oct 10 13:22:32 PDT 2004

Noah wrote:
[ ... ]
> but when I send mail to blah at I thought it would bounce but instead
> it appears in my personal mailbox with the username user2 (user1 is a
> different account).  I am even sending mail from a remote machine.
> I cant figure out why it is delivered to me and also cant figure out why a
> bounce is not sent to the originator.

I don't support you have LUSER_RELAY set in your .mc?

If you want to understand how and why sendmail takes a given address and 
changes it and/or decides where to deliver it, use a command like:

% echo '3,0 cswiger at' | sendmail -bt
ADDRESS TEST MODE (ruleset 3 NOT automatically invoked)
Enter <ruleset> <address>
 > canonify           input: < cswiger @ mac . com >
Canonify2          input: cswiger < @ mac . com >
Canonify2        returns: cswiger < @ mac . com . >
   [ ...many lines deleted... ]
parse            returns: $# esmtp $@ mac . com . $: cswiger < @ mac . com . >

....obviously using a relevant email address instead of my own.  This will 
show lookups to your virtusertable and mailertable maps, and indicates whether 
the address will be handled for local delivery-- which looks something like:

parse            returns: $# local $: cswiger

...or be handled for remote delivery to some MX via the E/SMTP mailer-- which 
is what the "$# esmtp $@ mac . com ." part above means (obviously :-), etc.


PS: You might obtain better help from a sendmail-specific list than here.

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