Wiki on FreeBSD

Alan Curtis acurtis at
Sat Oct 9 10:39:01 PDT 2004

In a previous post under a phpwiki subject thread, I claimed to have 
successfully installed phpwiki. I lied. Although I did install it and 
can edit pages from my laptop, I cannot edit pages from any other 
machine, including the server I installed it on; I am asked to login 
with a username and password. This may have something to do with the 
note the Richard Lynch wrote, but as I am not literate in php, I don't 
know where to begin to solve this problem. I started down this route as 
I was successful in installing phpwiki on my Mac OS X laptop.

So I gave up on phpwiki and tried kwiki instead. It was advertized as 
'easy to install'. Indeed it was. I installed it but cannot get it to 
work. I can access the .cgi pages but they give me the text and do not 
run the program. The instructions must assume some step that I have not 

I am looking for an easy to install wiki that an 
apache/perl/php/whatever novice like me can install without getting a 
migrane. Any suggestions?


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