What version of FBSD does Yahoo run?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at toybox.placo.com
Fri Oct 8 21:56:42 PDT 2004

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> > You guys are the ones making the claims that 5.3 is "going to be
> > so great".  I just wonder how you come to that conclusion if you
> > don't have any definitive tests. I dont have a release to test, so
> > when its done I'll test it.
> Why don't you download and install the latest 5.3 beta and test it? This 
> is the only way to test 5.3, as there is no "release" yet. If you 
> refuse to test it due to its beta status, then you should probably 
> reconsider your challenges until 5.3 is stable and you can test it for 
> yourself. If this is the case, then all you're doing now is making 
> noise ... and, yes, trolling.
> -------------------------
> I haven't made any "challanges".

Yes you have.  Your words:

"I just hope that pounding packets through a socket  and 
timing mySQL selects aren't the entirety of your team's arsenal."

In other words you are in effect saying "your team's" when you are
talking about the core group that is developing FreeBSD 5 - well
aren't you using FreeBSD yourself?  If so, you are a member of that
team.  Yet, your words say the FreeBSD team is not where you are

if you considered yourself part of the FreeBSD userbase you would say
something like:

"I just hope that pounding packets through a socket  and 
timing mySQL selects aren't the entirety of OUR team's arsenal."

And it's not just this sentence although this is one of the most
blatent.  You are using verbage and terminology that clearly sets
you in opposition to the rest of us, users and developers, of FreeBSD.

If this isn't a challenge you don't know the meaning of the word.

> My point was that there are a lot
> of people making claims they have no ability to substantiate. And
> obviously I am correct.

You yourself are coming from the assumption that all these people are
wrong or misguided.  Meaning that your assumption is that FreeBSD 5
is worse than 4.  Yet you have not appeared to post anything even
benchmarks that substantiates your claims that FreeBSD 5 is indeed

So put yourself into the same category as the folks that are claiming
FreeBSD 5 is better.
> A guess a "troll" is anyone who questiong the powers that be. Must be
> a bunch of communists running the show here.

The 'powers that be' in FreeBSD are the people contributing to it.
If you want to have credibility which confers authority and
therefore a small measure of what you would call "power" I guess
then contribute something.

To me the FreeBSD community isn't at all about power.  If you want to
see real, raw power then go work for a corporation and start making
some decisions to spend lots of money, start hiring and firing people,
start creating and destroying products.  That's what power is all
about - the ability to affect people's lives, directly, and in
particular to make them do what they normally would not do.

But, in the FreeBSD community power doesen't work like that at all.
Even if you have a lot of money - none of these FreeBSD developers
out here is going to take your money and work on something in
FreeBSD that they dislike.  That's not what they are here for.

Instead, about the only measure of power that anyone has in the
FreeBSD community is by their choice of whether to contribute or

You choose to stand outside and throw rocks - well, your exercising
a small amount of power yourself - because your NOT contributing anything
of value.  That lack of contribution means FreeBSD has a little bit
less to it, which makes it a little bit less appealing.

By contrast if you chose to create something for FreeBSD then your
also exercising a little bit of power - because your contributing
something of value, your making FreeBSD a bit more appealing which
will help to attact more people to use it.

Everyone in the FreeBSD community has this same bit of power.  But
what your missing is that the rock-throwers efforts rarely amount to
much.  Their best rock throwing is like branches scratching on the
side of the house in the wind.  By contrast the people that contribute
to FreeBSD, well the more they contribute the more lives they affect
and if your measuring power by the number of lives you affect, if
you contribute a lot that will be a great many people indeed.

So, sorry, but FreeBSD really doesen't have these "powers-that-be"
which you seem to think it has.

And as for a troll, that term is already well defined in many electronic


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