moving from 5.2.1 to 5.3Beta?

hoe-waa at hoe-waa at
Thu Oct 7 20:10:46 PDT 2004


I have a quick question. I am going to upgrade 
one of my systems from 5.2.1P9 to 5.3Beta7.

I have cvsup'd the source and when checking 
UPDATING I came across this:

	The following libraries had their version number bumped up:
		/lib/ ->
		/lib/ ->
		/usr/lib/ ->
		/usr/lib/ ->
		/usr/lib/ ->
	FreeBSD 4.10 versions of these libraries will be added to the
	compat4x collection.  If you expect to be able to run old 4.X
	executables you will need to remove the old versions of these
	libraries.  However note that any 5.X executables you have built
	will stop working once you remove those old libraries.  You should
	have all your ports/packages rebuilt before removing the old

I had seen some discussion rearding this on the list and had
made a note in my head. 

Am I reading this correct that before I build/install world,
I should do a portupgrade -a ???

All of my ports are the latest according to portversion.

I just wanted to check before I went any further.

Thank you

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