VINUM: Disk crash with striped raid

Paul Everlund tdv94ped at
Thu Oct 7 09:12:10 PDT 2004

Hi Greg and list!

I did have two 120 GB's disk drives in vinum as a striped raid.

One disk crashed, and is not found during boot. It starts up and
makes the usual noises, but then it stalls with a katjing, katjing
and so on. It seems like either the steering electronics, or the
read/write-heads mechanics, have failed.

I did contact a data recovery company and they say they need both
disks to restore the raid, because of that the raid initializing
might be corrupted.

My questions is:

Do they need both disks?

Isn't it enough if they make a disk image of the failed drive, and
I will then be able to restore the raid data initialization in vinum
by a vinum create, or something similar?

Will they be able to recreate the raid data without using vinum

Thank you in advance for an answer!

Best regards,

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