GNOME questions

Aaron Siegel aj at
Thu Oct 7 06:33:47 PDT 2004


The xterms can be sized using .Xdefaults in your home directory. Read the man 
page for xterm. This should, but not always, set the size of your xterm 
independent of the  window manger you are running, KDE, Gnome, FVWM,.....

On Thursday 07 October 2004 01:36, Gary Kline wrote:
>  To the Gnome wizards out there,
>  I've been experimenting with different window managers
>  and need some tips on how making Gnome more comfortable
>  feel.  Here are some miscellaneous questions:
>  How do I create different sized xterms and/or gnome terms
>  of different sizes in different workspaces?  Is it possible
>  to have an xload app of a given size (or other GUI apps)
>  and have them appear on various workspaces, or *all*
>  workspaces?  Finally, how can I set up the Fn keys to
>  perform certain tasks, for example, have F2 minimize a
>  window/xterm/app, and have F3 put the same application
>  in front?
>  Both Gnome and KDE are nice front ends, but a bit heavy
>  on the graphical interface side for a CLI hacker like
>  me.  Feedback welcome!
>  gary

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