Good tool for light photo editing?

John Mills johnmills at
Wed Oct 6 14:07:52 PDT 2004

Stan -

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, stan wrote:

> I just got my first set of pictures on CD's (vacation pics), and I wan't to
> put them up on my web server.

> What's a good tool to do some really lightweight editeing on them with?
> Mostly I just need to rotate the vertical ones, but I _might_ do just a
> little cropping on some few.

ImageMagick (and sibs - it's a collection of utilities, like gcc) does a
good job of resizing, thumbnails, format conversion, etc. Check the man
pages for rotation commands - I haven't tried that. It has a GUI (as
'display'), is very handy for scripting, and pretty lightweight, too.

For heavier hitting, GIMP.

In between: Xv, which you've met.

 - John Mills
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