What version of FBSD does Yahoo run?

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>>>Considering that its been well documented and admitted that 5.x is 1/3 the
>>>speed of 4.x at this point,  do you really think they've migrated production
>>Most likely this is in reference to a few lines in /usr/src/UPDATING,
>>stating that all of the debug features are turned on by default in 5.x <
>>5.3, making it much slower.  This is less than true if those options are
>>turned off.
> What are those options and how do you turn them on/off?

Some of these options are :

makeoptions            DEBUG=-g
options                WITNESS
options                KDB
options                DDB
options                GDB
options                INVARIANTS
options                INVARIANT_SUPPORT

They can be turned off by commenting them or removing them from a custom 
kernel config, rebuilding and installing that kernel.  Details on how to 
do this are in the handbook.  Note that as of 5.3, these have been 
turned off by default.


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