Planning a Upgrade (5.2.1 --> 5.3)

Walker, Michael Michael.Walker2 at
Wed Oct 6 05:17:20 PDT 2004

DanGer danger at wrote:
> why don't you want to upgrade it via cvsup-ing the source tree and then
build/install world/kernel? 
> this is better way from my point of view.

Sorry I forgot to specify that I will be adding new drives to the system, so
cvsup'ing isn't really a viable option in my case. 
Also, maybe you can clear something up for me.
Every time I have cvsup'ed my source tree, and reinstalled world. I end up
with every single binary file the base system has to offer.
Is there any automated way I can limit the source that is compiled to the
source I have on my existing system? (For future reference.)

Mick Walker 
NAAFI Finance International 

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