DooM3 not working on FreeBSD 5.2.1-RELEASE :/

Hugo Silva klr at
Tue Oct 5 20:31:20 PDT 2004


I'm running into trouble trying to run the DooM3 beta on FreeBSD.

The screen will stay gray for awhile and then my resolution will be messed
up and the system mouseless (cursor won't move) - I can fix this by
running Return to Castle Wolfenstein which will give back mouse control
and reset resolution.

I've digged a bit into the problem, but it's 4.30 AM and I can't think on
anything else. Here's how the game stops:

game initialized.
-------- Initializing Session --------
session initialized
Sys_MapCharForKey: doom key 43 -> keycode failed
Sys_MapCharForKey: doom key 126 -> keycode failed
--- Common Initialization Complete ---
terminal support disabled
pid: 36927
496 MB System Memory
64 MB Video Memory
Async thread started
signal caught: Aborted
si_code 0
Trying to exit gracefully..
--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------
Shutting down sound hardware
----------- OSS Sound Shutdown -----------
unmap dma sound buffer
close sound device
double fault Aborted, bailing out

So it's obvious it's something to do with threading. This makes me think
the game will only run on the 5.3 version.. which would be a major
drawback for me as I don't plan to install 5.3 on my workstation
(everything is working flawlessly, and the idea of upgrading the OS+nvidia
drivers+all ports is not so nice..)

A ktrace shows this:

36983 doom.x86 RET   write 148/0x94
36983 doom.x86 CALL  #175(0x2,0,0xbfbfdde8,0x8)
36983 doom.x86 RET   #175 0
36983 doom.x86 CALL  #179(0xbfbfdde8,0x8)
36983 doom.x86 RET   #179 -1 errno -4 Unknown error: -4
36983 doom.x86 PSIG  SIG(null) caught handler=0x28345e94 mask=0x80000000
code=0 36983 doom.x86 CALL  #119(0xbfbfdaf8)
36983 doom.x86 RET   #119 JUSTRETURN
36983 doom.x86 CALL  old.sendmsg(0x9078,0,0x80000000,0)
36983 doom.x86 RET   old.sendmsg 36984/0x9078
36983 doom.x86 CALL  #91(0x2833a000,0x1000)
36983 doom.x86 RET   #91 0
36983 doom.x86 CALL  exit(0x6)

So I'm pretty much out of ideas to make the game work.. Seems to be
thread-related, dies with an unknown error.

Any ideias ?



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