Xserver mouse won't work

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Tue Oct 5 02:13:50 PDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm having troubles configuring my mouse for the X server.
So, here's my story. I have a PIII 950MHz box with 128MB RAM. I have
Windows98 on it and right now I'm turning it to dual boot with FreeBSD
4.7-Release being the second o.s.

The installation itself went easy but setting up the X server has been
terrible. Am I the only person who thinks this is a very tiresome and
user-unfriendly procedure?

Anyway, after downloading my monitor's technical specifications, studying 
about installing the X etc. I managed to get the X running. Almost! My
mouse won't work properly. 

I have a very ordinary PS/2, 3-buttons mouse but I have tried others, too 
(one with 2 buttons, one with a scroll button). Nothing seems to work.
The pointer sticks to the right upper corner and just goes nuts with
continuous clicks.

For the X server configuration I use xf86config (even though, I gave the
graphical tool a chance, too). I choose /dev/sysmouse as my mouse device
and I've tried different protocols like PS/2, Microsoft compatible, Mouse 
Systems (3-button protocol) etc. Nothing works :~(

So, what am I doing so wrong? I'd appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance,

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