Troubleshoting with nat

knowtree at knowtree at
Mon Oct 4 15:03:02 PDT 2004

> Dear sir
> I have two network on two different switch. My pc have two lan cards

I assume that this pc is supposed to link the two networks together.

> among which 1st is connected to 1st switch and 2nd is connected to
> second switch. Both the switch are not cascaded. One pc from 1st network
> can ping to 1st card and not to 2nd card and 2nd network , in the same
> manner pc from 2nd network can't ping to 1st card and 1st network . How
> to do it without cascading .  All my pc are running windows 2000 server
> and professional.

What is "my pc" (the one with two lan cards) running? If it is running
FreeBSD, or you are considering using FreeBSD, look at this part of the


It is not clear to me if you want pcs on the two LAN segments to ping each
other, or be prevented from reacing each other. If it is prevention you
want, try here:


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