php4 with gd?

Ray Davis ray at
Mon Oct 4 12:59:25 PDT 2004

I must be totally dense, but after trying a number of things,
searching the mailing lists, searching google, reading the freebsd
ports doc, searching the php web - I still can not get php4 to
build with gdlib support using the ports collection.

We already had a working mod_php4 built and installed, and just
want to add gdlib support.  None of the following (as well as
other incantations) work in either the www/mod_php4 port nor the
lang/php4 port:

    make deinstall; make reinstall
    make deinstall; make clean; make install
    make deinstall; make WITH_GD=YES reinstall
    make deinstall; make clean; make WITH_GD=YES install

Can someone please give me a clue?  I thought I remembered that
there was a text gui asking what options we want, but it doesn't
appear anymore.

There seems to be a big gap between simply installing a port with
its defaults and finding out what other options might be available
via the WITH_* and WITHOUT_* options.  Isn't this documented with
each port somewhere?


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