C compiler

Charles Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Oct 4 12:30:39 PDT 2004

On Oct 4, 2004, at 3:18 PM, Josh Hansen wrote:
[ ...5.2.1 being slower than Linux... ]
> I really don't think the problem is that simple.  How about either 
> giving him a real answer or none at all?

Sigh.  The malloc debugging options in 5.2.1 really will slow down 
userland programs which heavily utilize dynamic memory by a significant 
amount, as will kernel options used for debugging such as WITNESS and 

It's not hard to measure these effects if you bother to try.  If you 
want to test FreeBSD's performance in a meaningful fashion, and you are 
unwilling to disable the debugging options enabled in 5.x, using 4.10 
is good advice.  Or wait for 5.3 to finish the current beta testing 
cycle and be released, and then test that.


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