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Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Oct 4 05:38:09 PDT 2004

"Wen-jui Cheng <Adrian>" <w3cheng at> wrote:

> Hello~
> I got a question about FreeBSD release.
> Why 5.2-Release is not exist on ftp site (
> <> )?

5.2 was replaced with 5.2.1, because 5.2 had too many show stopping

> Because I used to use 5.2-release, I want to install another pc from FTP
> site.
> On other hand I found 5.2.1-release is not stable, because I try to install
> Gnome or KDE or GCC34.etc
> They are all fail when I want to do port installation.

I can't answer this without detailed specifics on how they fail (error
messages, etc)

> I just installed 5.2.1-release version from ftp, then port install
> application, then it's fail

I would recommend grabbing one of the 5.3BETAs, or waiting for 5.3-RELEASE.
The BETAs are much more stable and production-ready than 5.2.1 was, and
5.3-RELEASE is intended to be officially announced as production ready.

I believe 5.3-RELEASE is scheduled within the next few weeks.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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