NIC and RPM of a hard disk

Nikolas Britton freebsd at
Mon Oct 4 05:27:51 PDT 2004

Mike Woods wrote:

> Ajesh John wrote:
>> Hi,
>>    How can I know if there is an in-built NIC in my mother-board?
>> And How can I know the RPM of my hard disk?, Is it possible to know both
>> these in FreeBSD?, I'm using FreeBSD5.1 - Release,  
> For the NIC, ifconfig will show all the network devices installed on a 
> machine but if you want to confirm if it's onboard......
> look at the back of the machine, often above the usb ports.
> As for the hard drive the only way to find the rpm is to grab the 
> model number and look it up :)

Type in dmesg at the console, use scroll lock and the up/down keys to 
move around.

somewhere around the end of it it will display something such as "ad0: 
38154MB <TOSHIBA MK4025GAS> [77520/16/63] ata0-master BIOSPIO".

Common Drive speeds (in newer computers):
EIDE(ATA): 7200, 5400
SATA: 7200, 10000
SCSI: 10000, 15000
laptop: 4200, 5400

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