ACL and write permission

Sergey Velikanov [UzPAK] vgray at
Sun Oct 3 23:50:27 PDT 2004

Hi again

I can't add write permission via ACL

mkdir /dir/docs 
chown user:user /dir/docs 
setfacl -n -dm u::rwx,g::rx,o::,u:user2:rwx,m::rwx /dir/docs 
setfacl -m u:user2:rwx /dir/docs 
chmod 750 /dir/docs 

I create file in /dir/docs, but user2 have only read permission,
getfacl says that #efective rights r--, how should i set ACL to
/dir/docs if I want give write permission to user2

Sergey Velikanov
Technical  Division
National Data Network "UzPAK"
tel +(99871) 114-6326
e-mail:  vgray at

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