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-K-12 Teacher Tools: We Have All That You'll Need!-

1.  Quote of the Week
2.  Jokes You Can Tell in Class
3.  Eworkbook of the Week
4. Printable Activity Of The Week
5. On-line Activity Of The Week
6.  Downloads of the Week
7.  Lesson Plan of the Week
8.  The Latest From Our Message Board
9.  The On-line Teacher Poll of the Week
10. Results Of Last Week's Teacher Poll
11. Our Latest "Teaching Idea that Worked!"
12. This Week in History
13. Best on the Web for Teachers
14. Subject Matter Site of the Week
15. Teaching Theme of the Week
16. Teachnology Cool Tool of the Week

-K-12 Teacher Tools: We Have All That You'll Need!-

Our teacher tools creates a variety of teacher resources 

-Lesson Plans
-Instant Teacher Rubrics (Over 180 Criteria Instantly)
-Preformatted Rubrics (Over 20 Varieties)
-Puzzles (10 varieties)
-Graphic Organizers (20 Varieties)
-Language Arts Worksheet Makers (10 Varieties)
-Math Worksheet Makers (50 Varieties, 300 problem types)
-On-Demand Print,Save,and Share Functions.
-Timelines, Certificates, Patterns & Class Newsletters!
-Accessible World-wide Anytime!
-Save Your Files On-line & View Them On-line Or At Home.

Teachers: Make your life easier, right away!

What do other teachers' think?:

"The best teacher resource package ever! It saves me tons of
time and actually makes me a better teacher.  I create 
dozens of rubrics every week.  Before this, I didn't even
know what a rubric was. Thanks for all that you do. Everyone 
in my building is very appreciative."
- Lindsay L. 


1. Quote of the week-

"It is possible to store the mind with a million facts and 
still be entirely uneducated."

~Alec Bourne~

2. Jokes You Can Tell in Class-

*Sports Illustrated *

The coach's wife yells to her husband, "It's Sports Illustrated 
on the phone!" 

The coach falls all over himself racing to the phone and says, 

Then he hears, "For just 75 cents an issue...." 

Want To See More Jokes?? View Our Jokes Page

3. Electronic Workbook of the Week

Reading Comprehension: Beginning Level, Volume 2 - Animals

Contains 29 reading passages on various wild life. Engages 
beginning readers with fun and educational activities, while 
exploring new and wondrous creatures. Reading passages 
include: Alligators, Bats, Bears, Beavers, Camels, Cheetahs, 
Cows, Dolphins, Ducks, Elephants, Foxes, Frogs, Giraffes, 
Hedgehogs, Hippopotamus, Horses, Kangaroos, Lions, Mice, 
Monkeys, Penguins, Platypus, Raccoons, Sheep, Skunks, Tigers, 
Turtles, Wolves, Zebras.

Visit This Site:


This workbook is free to all Gold Members.  Gold members can
find this workbook by logging in at:

You can search for the title.

Our Gold Membership allows members to download thousands of 
valuable resources including: activities, worksheets, PowerPoint® 
templates, Excel® templates, Word® templates, web graphic sets, 
music loops, and sound effects. 

A message from a current member:

"I am so glad I found this gold membership. I cannot thank you 
enough for putting together such a wonderful program. It costs 
less than one resource book I use, yet it has the value of a 
hundred resource books."- Sally W. 

Gold members, to download this workbook instantly, navigate to

4. Printable Activity of the Week

*Smile Graphic Organizer*

This graphic organizer is just a sample of what our Graphic
Organizer Maker can do for you.  You simply add your choice of
text and click create.  All graphic organizers are created in 
.pdf format for great print quality. 

Platinum members will find this application under our Graphic 
Organizer Maker section.

This printable is available at this page

Note: All activities of the week are created using our platinum
site. Our Platinum tools allows members to make, edit, and 
save custom puzzle, awards, timelines, mazes, decoders, 
patterns, math worksheets, rubrics, lesson plans, graphic 
organizers, and language arts worksheets. Now you 
can create time lines, awards, patterns, newsletters, 50 
customizable basic math worksheets, 16 types of fraction 
worksheets, new missing digit math worksheets, graph paper, 
equation makers, mazes, and secret decoder pages. 

A message from a current teacher:

"You guys obviously put a great deal into this and it shows. 
This is just excellent! Thanks Again."- Veronica H.

To learn more about our platinum tools, navigate to

5.  Silver On-line Activity Of The Week

*Constitution Flash Cards- file name: Constitutionflash*

This is a simple example of ExamBuddy's ability to make custom 
on-line flash cards. No need to waste paper these days. 
Exambuddy creates the activity for you, you just choose the 
words and their matching clues. Anyone can do it.

See the flash cards now:

See what else ExamBuddy can do for you:




All on-line activities of the week are created using our Silver site.
Our Silver membership allows members to create: 30+ online
learning activities, learning games, online quizzes, online 
calendars, printable tests, math games, class web pages, electronic 
newsletters, learning units, language arts games, class surveys.
Student progress can be monitored through the automatic item
analysis feature that can be used with on-line quizzes and 
surveys. Development is effortless; just add words and clues. 

All the activities featured above can be found in the ExamBuddy 
directory. Members can easily add them to their accounts for
their own use.

A message from a current member:

Nancy Newhouse, 3rd Grade Teacher- "Thank you for creating an
outstanding suite of tools for teachers, like me. Finally,
somebody gets it! We (teachers) need everything in one simple
package that does everything we need it to do. My students and
parents thank you most of all!"

To learn more about our ExamBuddy program, navigate to:

6. Download of the Week-

PC Download:

*Reading Comprehension Booster*
"Reading Comprehension Booster helps students sharpen their 
critical thinking skills. Students work with exercises to 
determine main idea, make inferences and draw conclusions. 
Assessments place students in appropriate units of instruction. 
Students advance as they demonstrate readiness. Student scores 
are kept in a management system that allows teachers and tutors 
to view and print reports. Designed for ages eight and up."

Mac Download:

*Grammarian Pro X*

"Grammarian Pro X is a universal, interactive grammar checking, 
spelling checking, dictionary, autocorrect, and autotype tool 
that works with virtually every program on your computer. 
Grammarian Pro X works interactively or in batch correction 
mode and automatically starts working in your applications to 
correct spelling, grammar, phrase usage, and punctuation. Use 
the built-in dictionary assistant to look up definitions and 
verify the correct choice of words. AutoCorrection corrects 
many spelling mistakes automatically as you type."

To Download These Applications & Others Visit:

7. Lesson Plan of the Week-

Paper Bag Book Reports

"After selecting and reading a book independently, students 
will create a paper bag book report using an ordinary paper bag." 

Find it here:

To View 27,300+ Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Worksheets Visit:

8. The Latest From Our Message Board-

Web Quests: 

Can anyone please tell me how to design a webquest?? I am so 

Voice Your Thoughts On This Topic:

If you have a response for this question, please view the
web address below to post your thoughts on the topic:

9. The On-line Teacher Poll of the Week

This is a new weekly on-line poll. Results of this poll will 
be published in next week's newsletter.  Cast your vote now!

This week's poll:

Do you use class jobs in your classroom?


To cast your vote, visit:

Make sure to refresh your browser if you voted in last week's poll.

10. *Results Of Last Week's Teacher Poll*

The poll question was:

Does the use of graphing calculators in the classroom 
strengthen student understanding? 

Results:                  Total Votes: 103

57.3%- Yes
42.7%- No, it dilutes the concept.


Our Teacher Poll Archive Is Available Here:

11. "Our Latest Idea that Worked!"

"Reading Across New York"

By: Jackie Seiars, NYC Teacher

"I created a great interdisciplinary incentive system that 
reinforces reading for my students. One of the main topics of 
my Social Studies curriculum is New York State geography and 
landmarks. I have a detailed map of New York State in my room 
with a colored thumbtack for every student. 

Every week, the thumbtacks take a trip to location or landmark 
within New York State. A student's thumbtack is advanced a set 
distance for every page they read during reading time. This has 
really motivated students. Along the way to the final destination, 
the students will have several stops. These include major 
towns/cities or landmarks. When a student reaches this location, 
they receive a simple reward. The rewards range from extra free 
time to a snack. When they reach their final destination we 
provide them with larger rewards.

Students really seem to enjoy this system and they're learning 
a lot more about their State. This system is simple and can be 
adapted to any state, province, and/or country."

What Worked for You? PLEASE Take a minute to tell us!
Be Heard! Your ideas will appear on our site.



See our complete teaching ideas archive, view

12. This Week in History-

1895 - 1st cartoon comic strip is printed in a newspaper
1916 - San Diego Zoo founded
1955 - "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" premieres
1956 - 1st atomic power clock exhibited- NYC 

**Keep Up with What Happened in History**

See What Happened Today In History:

13. Best on the Web for Teachers-

Featured Sites of the Week:

Back to School Crafts-

Math Playground-

To see more of the best of the web for teachers, please visit
this site:

14. Subject Matter Site of the Week-

This Week's Subject Matter: Encouraging Reading

15. Teaching Theme of the Week-

This Week's Theme: Encouraging Reading

A ton of resources on the topic of the week.

16. Teachnology Cool Tool of the Week-

BINGO Card Generator: Bingo cards can be used for just about 
any content area to reinforce definitions, new vocabulary, 
math problems, even long thought out questions.

Available Here:

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