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On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 15:45:07 -0500, Jay Moore
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> On Tuesday 28 September 2004 07:33 am, shane mullins wrote:
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> > >            hello folks,
> > >    i want to install the packet filter for FreeBSD so i recompile the
> > > kernel with the options :
> >     Why not just run OpenBSD if you want to use pf?  I use both Free and
> > OpenBSD.  But, pf is much easier to set up on OpenBSD.  Just install
> > OpenBSD, enable routing, enable pf in rc.conf and you are done.
> >
> > Shane
> Why not...? One reason might be that he is not a masochist.
> Jay
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I hate to say this because I bear no hostility towards openBSD, but
there are many reasons to opt for freebsd.  I know I did when I just
built a firewall.  My reason was multiprocessor support.  While
FreeBSD on SMP is gorgeous and intricate, under oBSD, it is
non-existant until next version.  Further, I am more used to FreeBSD
and adminning OS's that you are less used to is generally a bad idea
when setting up machines.  The hardware support for FreeBSD is also
decidedly more vast than that of oBSD and the performance of fBSD
generally faster.

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