Disk quotas

Richard Lynch ceo at l-i-e.com
Sat Oct 2 14:53:25 PDT 2004

John Oxley wrote:
> has gallery setup on his webpage and the albums directory is chmod
> 707'd so that httpd can write to it.

Does that user realize that everybody else on the server can use PHP to
write web content to that directory?...

Perhaps if a defacement example were demonstrated, he'd move those files
out of his web directory, and add in some PHP scripts to read/write the
image files with validation-checking, such as using
http://php.net/getimagesize to make sure the image file *IS* an image

> The problem is that httpd creates files as http:group and quota is not
> picking up that he is using more disk space than we want him to.

One possibility, if you are running Apache 2.0, is to set each PHP user on
a directory by directory basis in httpd.conf

Or so I've been told.

Never done it yet.

It cannot (readily) be done in Apache 1.x

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