JBoss ports in use - tomcat

Peter Ryan pryan at singnet.com.sg
Sat Oct 2 05:41:07 PDT 2004

I am running 4.10R and have installed JBoss3.2.5.
I also installed Tomcat5

When i boot the machine and try to startup JBoss it
reports ports in use.  I have to run the shutdown script
first, and then the startup script works fine.

I notice when I boot up that three packages appear
to start under 'local package initialisation'. These
are Tomcat4, Tomcat5, and JBoss3starting.

I did not install Tomcat4 - i think this might have come
from the JBoss installation.

I have found a directory called rc.d which seems to
hold the scripts which run these initialisations.

I think my solution to the JBoss problem is to prevent
these scripts running, but I dont know how to do this.

Has anyone else had this problem with JBoss ?
(it does not seem have been reported)

How do I get rid of these initialisation scripts in an
orderly manner ?

I am very new to all this.
Any suggestions gratefully received.


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