dictd, UTF-8, & FreeBSD 4.10

Sandy Rutherford sandy at krvarr.bc.ca
Sat Oct 2 02:16:33 PDT 2004

On Fri, 01 Oct 2004 you wrote:

 >> Has anybody been able to get dictd working with UTF-8 dictionaries in
 >> FreeBSD 4.10?  When I start "dictd --locale de_DE.UTF-8" it
 >> seg. faults.  I do have the UTF-8 locales installed and the dictionary
 >> should be fine as it works for dictd running on a Linux machine.

 >> I'm using dictd-1.9.11 installed from the ports.

 >> Thanks,
 >> Sandy

 > Try to use dictd-1.9.14.
 > A few FreeBSD related bugs have been fixed since 1.9.11 release.

Tried this and now "dictd --locale de_DE.UTF-8" returns "UTF-8
disabled in this version".  With some checking I found that UTF-8 is
disabled because FreeBSD-4.10 doesn't have the iswalnum, iswspace, and
towlower functions.  These appear to exist in FreeBSD 5.  Does anybody
know if FreeBSD 4.10 can be patched to have these functions, or is
upgrading to 5 the only option?


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