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gkullak at fi.uba.ar gkullak at fi.uba.ar
Fri Oct 1 06:50:15 PDT 2004

On Fri, Oct 01, 2004 at 02:16:12AM -0500, Eric and Michelle Bjorkman wrote:
> Are Terminal Services supported by FreeBSD.  In that I mean is there a
> port already included that I will not have to buy a Terminal Services
> server application.  I'm looking for somthing like Novell that is free.
> Or do you know of project out there that can function like Novell?

Try reading XDM protocol that is for open XSession in another machines
like Terminal Services of Microsoft.
You must run X in your server (with XDM, KDM o GDM) and need a client like
Xmanager for Windows por example.

Like say Matthew J Seaman you must run only X application in your Windows
environment without need of run XDM in your server, only calling the
program through SSH or TELNET. Try with Xmanager too or find for PC X
Server in Google.

Sorry for my english.



Gustavo Ariel Kullak
e-mail:gkullak at fi.uba.ar

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