Making chmod changes static

Gerard Seibert gerard-seibert at
Mon May 31 14:41:58 PDT 2004

On Monday, May 31, 2004 4:59:58 PM Simon Barner <barner at> wrote:

|>> I need to make both the floppy drive (fd0), the internal zip dive (afd0) 
|>> and the cdrom (acd0) usable by any user without having to use 'sudo' or go
|>> the 'su' route.
|>you want /dev/devfs.conf (see devfs(8) for more details).
|># Commonly used by many ports
|>link    acd0    cdrom
|>perm    cdrom   0660
|>own     cdrom   root:operator
|># burncd
|>perm    acd0    0660
|># xcdroast
|>perm    xpt0    0660
|>perm    pass0   0660
|>This will make your setting persisting over reboots.
|>In order to apply your changes to that file (without rebooting),
|>simply run (as root)
|>/etc/rc.d/devfs restart

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Monday, May 31, 2004 5:38:15 PM

I check the devfs(8)  manual and found nothing about a devfs,conf file.
I tried to create on but was not successful. I therefore assume you mean
that I am to use the commands in the devfs(8) manual to create this file.
Is that correct?

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