SOLVED: Re: FreeBSD 4.8R sluggish performance

Scott scot-gale at
Mon May 31 13:51:21 PDT 2004

Thanks, Matthew, you were exactly right. My ISP has given me
problems with DNS before, but it never manifested in this way.
Instead, in the middle of a browsing session both DNS servers
would fail and I would simply type in the information for a DNS
server from another ISP into resolv.conf. The thing that took
my mind off DNS was the slowness of startx--I never knew that it
did DNS lookups when X was launched.

Anyway, reversing the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf worked.
Interestingly enough, while booted into Windows I noted the IP
addresses of the DNS servers offered with that DHCP lease and
they were entirely different. Further investigation revealed that
my ISP is currently offering leases that point to other ISP's
nameservers, so I gather that my ISP is aware that they have DNS
problems. Thanks again.

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