5.2.1 goes beserk on EPIA M board

Robert Downes nullentropy at lineone.net
Mon May 31 09:08:51 PDT 2004

I have no CD drive on my EPIA machine, so I plugged the 2.5" Toshiba 
drive into another machine to install FreeBSD 5.2.1 from a minimal 
install CD I burned myself.

Installation ran fine on the big machine (a Pentium 4) and FreeBSD was 
able to boot on that machine without problem.

I plugged the Toshiba drive back into my EPIA M (VIA C3 processor) 
machine and the boot process began as normal, until it paused at the ad0 
detection stage. Then messages like the following, dozens of them, start 
to flood up the screen:

ad0: FAILURE - WRITE_DMA status=11 <DSC,ERROR> error=84<ICRC,ABORTED> 

I did have, yesterday, FreeBSD 5.0 running on my EPIA M successfully 
until I tried to buildworld using 5.2.1 sources, at which point my EPIA 
hard crashed and reset itself. I assumed my PSU had failed briefly, but 
is it possible that 5.2.1 has special problems with the EPIA board or 

Or are these messages a sign that my EPIA board is damaged now?

I'm starting to lose my mind with this new hardware. Any advice that 
might clear up the chaos and reduce the possible lines of investigation 
would be much appreciated.
London, UK
echo Mail fefsensmrrjyaheeoceoq\! | tr "jefroq\!" "@obe.uk"

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