Don't know what else to do with

Rob stopspam at
Mon May 31 03:34:24 PDT 2004

> When I went to install everything worked just fine...I
> even installed over FTP...I chose my NIC and did
> automatic DHCP configuration. It worked like a
> charm... however my extacsy was to be shortlived..
> when booting there is a long pause when the dhclient
> guess is it is querying the server for
> the dhcp info. however once it comes back up it shows
> me as having BROADCAST of and nothing
> I have done has enabled me to fix it.

What is the last entry in /var/db/dhclient.leases ?
If there's something, does that make sense ?

Anything dhclient related in /var/log/messages ?

And how about running dhclient manually in the foreground ?
As root, kill the running dhclient pid first, and then start:

    # dhclient -d rl0

where you should replace "rl0" by your own network card.
Does that tell you something useful?


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