5.2.1 on Presario R3000

Jason Dusek jdusek at cs.uiowa.edu
Sat May 29 19:16:32 PDT 2004

I'm sorry, I forgot the subject line last time.

Hi All,

I am installing 5.2.1 on a Compaq Presario R3000. I made the CDs with 
Classic Creator on the Windows side.

The machine gets to the boot select screen okay, but no matter what 
boot option
I go with the machine powers down. I've tried option 2 (FreeBSD without 
several times.

So, what do I do now? This machine is hardly my first choice, but it's 
a gift
and I'm stuck with it. It's got nice hardware, but there just seems to 
be no way
around the Compaq curse...

- Jason

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