3Ware Escalade problem

Brent Wiese brently at bjwcs.com
Fri May 28 10:22:18 PDT 2004

> Here is what my system is telling me.
> twe0: unexpected status bit(s) 800000<PCIPERR>
> twe0: PCI parity error: Reseat card, move card or buggy 
> device present.
> Here is what I am running.
> FreeBSD 4.7 p25
> boot disk IDE
> SCSI tape drive
> twe0 is an Escalade 7500-4
> twe1 is an Escalade 7000-2
> I have tried two different 7500-4 cards.
> I have changed slots.
> I have tried 3 different motherboards.
> 	2 ASUS P2BS
> 	1 MSI K7 Master-S
> What I suspect.
> The Escalade 7500-4 is a 64 bit card.  I am using it on
> a 32 bit bus.  The manual doesn't say you can't but I am
> suspicous.  Both 7500-4 cards worked just fine on Linux
> and Windows on both 32 and 64 bit motherboards IIRC.

3Ware maintains a list of motherboards where 32bit support works. It will
only run 64bit on many board (most of the Intel server boards for example).

You may want to check that list for your board(s) (I was too lazy to look it

Also, I've seen some of the 7500's still shipping w/ old firmware.

And, like a lot of PCI problems, it could be the slot. If you can, move it
to a different slot. I've also seen this problem on riser cards that share
the same pci slot with other cards. Some of the newer risers have little
daughter-boards that plug into adjacent slots to rememdy that problem.

Good luck,

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