Jumpstart Guide / PXE network installation

John Housden john at housden.org
Fri May 28 08:24:09 PDT 2004

Hi everyone!

I have followed the 'FreeBSD Jumpstart Guide' to build a system for
 installing FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE via PXE. I can now perform PXE client
 installs, but have so far been unable to resolve the following
 1. I have compiled and installed a custom kernel on my PXE server
    which works fine. I have placed my new kernel in /usr/tftpboot and
    in the NFS root. The PXE client loads the correct kernel to start the
    install, but after rebooting the client boots the GENERIC
    kernel. Where is sysinstall getting this kernel from?
 2. I have a 'shutdown' command at the end of my install.cfg script,
    but on both a Dell Precision 610 and an IBM PC330, this does not
    work: instead the system reboots and restarts the installation
    unless I intercept the reboot! What am I missing?
 3. I get a prompt 'loading module ida.ko failed'. This is for Compaq
    Smart RAID, but I did not configure this option in my custom
    kernel. Presumably, I have not configured the list of kernel
    modules correctly?
 Any pointers gratefully received - this has been driving me nuts for too
 long now!

 This is my first post to the list.


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