mail daemon(s) recomendation request

Richard Caley rjc at
Fri May 28 01:39:26 PDT 2004

In article <000e01c44443$514069d0$085f5f0a at frigate>, Joseph Gleason (jg) writes:

jg> I'm going to check into postfix and maybe qmail.

Haven't played with qmail, but we were handed postfix on some managed
linux servers. Years of experience with sendmail made me dread
learning another monsterous system.

Actually I just went down the config file and did the obvious things
and it worked. 

It even relayed mail under the desired domain name without me having
to spend three days living on fermented yak's milk in a hidden
lamastary performing weird and unsettling chicken sacrificing
ceremonies to the Great Old Ones.

The O'Reiley book is comprehensible and the index takes you to the
right page.

On the whole I feel as if I have slipped into a parallel universe
where email is a simple technological matter, not a deep religious

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