The 5.2.1 and the six hard disks

T. Srikanth kantsg at
Thu May 27 00:00:55 PDT 2004

I have a spare Dell PowerEdge SC600 which I used to check out the 5.2.1 
release. The system has six 120GB
hard disks. I have added entries in "device.hints" for the third ATA 
disk controller at port 0x170 and irq 11.

When I let the system boot regularly, it does not show up all the six 
disks-- but only four of them belonging
to the other (first and second) disk controllers. When the system is 
booted into safe mode (probably with
ACPI disabled), I find the system recognize all the six hard disks.

At this time, when I run "atacontrol" to set the access mode to UDMA100 
on any channel, the system just
panicks. Even "raidctl" simply gets into a faulty DAG scenario and 
causes the system to panic. Are the
device hints for the third controller correct? Is work still needed on 
the herd?


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