Porting ALSA drivers to OSS may be easy, according to OSS ;)

Bruno nc41530a at vizzavi.pt
Wed May 26 10:55:03 PDT 2004


I've tinkered a bit with Linux and FreeBSD, but still consider myself as 

I'm probably going for FreeBSD since I can see the best strenghts that 
Linux experts point in their distros already exist on FreeBSD, mostly 
coherent file structure, init scripts and package management. And a great 
plus in FreeBSD is the documentation, never seen anything like that in a 
Linux distro before (Debian seems the closest to me).

I know FreeBSD is mainly conceived as a performance server OS and lacks in 
the multimedia field when compared with Linux which is much more generic.

But in terms of sound I think the scenario could change easily: you don't 
have ALSA drivers but according to this post it's possible to convert ALSA 
drivers into free OSS drivers:


This could mean reduced need for commercial OSS driver support :)
And of course there may be licensing issues.

Not really my problem since I have a SB Live!, but this could easily 
improve FreeBSD image on the multimedia *NIX field :)

Thanks in advance,

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